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Research and Immigrant Services Calgary

At Immigrant Services Calgary we believe in three research strategies - innovation, impact, and inspiration. Under each strategy we've been able to foster great improvements to community planning projects, urban developments, and service delivery enhancements for the immigration and settlement sector. This has also meant that we've come to collect extensive data and experience in the needs and processes of newcomers in Alberta.

Research is an important part of helping newcomers become valued contributors to society. We're excited to accept partners from across Canada who are interested in helping immigrants and refugees achieve successful economic, social and cultural integration through research projects like the ones described.

Submitting a Research Request

Due to the high number of requests and the administrative resources required to participate in these projects, Immigrant Services Calgary is not in a position to accept all requests.

Fill out the form below and email back to with the subject "Research Application: [Project Title]".

[Research Data Application Form]


If you have any further questions, please contact our Communications office at 403-538-8382.