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Volunteer of the Month

Hameed Zaman


Hameed Zaman is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month

Hameed joined ISC’s Volunteer Program in 2015 and quickly became an instrumental member of our Homework Help Club in the Beddington area.  By the end of his first year, Hameed had already volunteered 66 hours.

Week after week, Hameed volunteered his time with the Beddington Homework Help Club. When the ‘Shed’ - the location where the Club is hosted - needed renovations, Hameed generously donated additional time to help paint the space.

“Hameed is a very dedicated volunteer who is passionate about helping kids succeed. He is very approachable and fun to be around and the kids adore him! He is exceptionally reliable and always willing to lend a hand!” – Rebeca Andrada, Outreach Coordinator, Settlement

Hameed is a kind and generous individual whose work expands far beyond explaining mathematical concepts to the students he tutors. He truly cares for the kids he works with and is always there for them, not only as a tutor but also as a role model and mentor. Last year, Hameed expanded his support to ISC’s other Homework Help Clubs in Vista Heights, Downtown and Ranchlands locations to supplement tutor numbers in response to high demand from the community.

“Hameed is an all-star player for the Outreach Program. He lights up the room, and is an extremely positive influence for the kids and anyone who crosses paths with him.” – Alexandra Camelo Rosas, Outreach Counselor, Settlement


This is Hameed’s Story

“I was born in Abu Dhabi to Bangladeshi parents and we immigrated to Canada in 1998. I graduated from the University of Calgary with degrees in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics.

I came into the Homework Club program with the goal of sharing my passion for Math and giving back to the community. The most rewarding part has been being a positive mentor for the kids and watching them grow in confidence. I look forward to the bright futures they have in front of them.

I find a kind of beauty in my parents being from one country, being born and raised in a second country, and having a home in a third country. I think this is why I enjoy travelling and learning about different cultures as much as I do.

Volunteering with the ISC has been excellent as it allows me to meet people from similarly diverse backgrounds, hear about their experiences and perhaps make a positive contribution to their Canadian journey.”

Thank you for helping ISC run our community programs, Hameed. We could not do what we do without volunteers like yourself. Congratulations!