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Volunteer of the Month

Rizwan Khan


Rizwan Khan is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month

Rizwan first came to ISC looking for settlement support and employment assistance. Soon after, “inspired by the work ISC does” he decided to join the Volunteer Program. He is a notably dedicated and generous volunteer who honors every assignment sent his way. Rizwan has contributed over 100 hours in the last four months alone.

Always present, professional and kind, Rizwan took on roles ranging from facilitating weekly computer classes for ISC’s Seniors Program to assisting LINC students with English language acquisition, and supporting diverse community programs and activities.

“We are happy to count Rizwan among our volunteers. He is such a nice person to work with, very polite, committed and dependable. I know that we can rely on him for many of our community assignments.” – Alina Ghita-Visinescu, Volunteer Developer

This is Rizwan’s story.

 I immigrated to Canada from Pakistan in 2016. My profession was a banker, and I worked for 18 years in the banking industry. My family and I are glad we came to Canada. We moved to Canada mainly for our children, so that they could have an advanced education and more opportunities. Shortly after moving to Canada, I realized that I was going to have to start from scratch here, not only with finding a job or learning English, but also with the food, culture, and making friends. I knew when I was coming to Canada that it would mean changing careers and making a transition to different kinds of work. It took me three months to get a job. Even though the role wasn’t related to my profession, I continued in it for one year to gain Canadian work experience. Currently, I am enrolled in an Investment Funds in Canada course, preparing to get onboard in the banking sector. At the same time, I am volunteering with ISC in different programs to interact with diverse cultures and give back to the community. It is essential to know many languages in the world today, and being multi-lingual allows me to help different people here at ISC. Moreover, the services I received from ISC upon my arrival in Canada were beyond my expectations, and this was an inspiration for me.

I would like to thank Immigrant Services Calgary for the recognition and for letting me into their wonderful and supportive team.”

You fully deserve the recognition Rizwan - volunteers like you inspire our staff to do their best every day. Congratulations!