Ahmed Youssef - Volunteer of the Month for July 2019 | Immigrant Services Calgary
Volunteer of the Month

Ahmed Youssef - Volunteer of the Month for July 2019


Ahmed Youssef is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month

Soft-spoken and polite, Ahmed may seem shy at first, but he is incredibly comfortable in front of an audience. A teacher by trade, he is always seeking to share his knowledge and expertise with those around him.

 “Humble and eager to learn, Ahmed brought his rich experience in the linguistic field to the Language Bank. Since he joined last fall, Ahmed has been one of the most active volunteers we have. Not only does he possess key skills required to be an outstanding translator, he is also willing to go the extra mile to accommodate urgent requests. We can see his true passion in helping clients and we are very lucky to have his continuous support. “ Lisa Yi Cai – Translations/Project Administrator, Language Bank

A much-appreciated volunteer translator and interpreter for ISC’s Language Bank, Ahmed recently started facilitating workshops for the Volunteer Program on topics such as “Intercultural Communication” and “Effective Listening”. Ahmed is always ready to try new endeavours and sincerely enjoys helping others learn new things. Volunteering comes naturally to Ahmed, he has contributed over 140 hours in less than one year with ISC’s Volunteer Program.

This is Ahmed’s story.

"My first visit to Canada was in 2016 for a conference in Winnipeg. I loved the country so much that I decided to move to Canada in 2017. I heard about ISC from my friends. They told me about how they found the support and the good service. I came to ISC as a client to translate some documents. I told them that I could help with translation and interpretation if needed. From that point on, I have been translating and interpreting for the Language Bank. 

I am originally from Egypt, but have lived for many years in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. I am a teacher of English Language as a Second Language. My focus during my Master's Degree was "Willingness to Communicate in English: Motivation and the Ethnic Voice". My study was published as a book, which is sold on Amazon. Now, I teach English as a Second Language at Columbia College. I also offer classes in Intercultural Communication and Effective Listening." 

Thank you for using your talents to help ISC clients, Ahmed. Congratulations!