Tost Raj Chhetri – Volunteer of the Month for March 2022 | Immigrant Services Calgary
Volunteer of the Month

Tost Raj Chhetri – Volunteer of the Month for March 2022

Raj Chhetri

Originally from Nepal, Tost first arrived in Canada in 2014. During a visit to Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) for his English test, he felt inspired by the ISC team and our work in assisting and empowering immigrants and refugees. This led him to apply to volunteer at ISC, and he has completed over 650 volunteer hours with us so far! He has volunteered in different roles, including office support, IT support, and coaching. He is also a regular attendee of workshops delivered by our volunteer program. We are so grateful to have Tost on the ISC team and commend him on his commitment, consistency, and passion for helping newcomers!

This is his story:
“I am Tost Raj Chhetri. I was born and raised in Nepal. Immediately after getting my PR status, I tried to learn more about Canada and the services available for newcomers. I had heard about English LINC classes through my family members and decided to go to ISC for my English assessment. During my visit to ISC, I was incredibly impressed with the welcoming manner and generosity of ISC staff and volunteers. At that time, I had determined to be a volunteer at ISC.
Various organizations and communities have helped us in different stages of our life, so I think that volunteering is one of the ways we can give back. By volunteering, I have learned about various communities and cultures. I have also developed my networking skills, communication, and time management. Volunteering has been my passion; I will continue doing it as far as time, and my physical ability permit me to do so. I feel delighted while helping people, especially the newcomers.”

"Tost has been volunteering with ISC since September 2018. He has completed over 650 hours with us and continues to be very dedicated and committed to supporting newcomers in their new life. Tost is currently supporting the Calgary Language Assessment & Referral Centre (CLARC) team in welcoming, screening, and guiding clients. He has exhibited excellent communication skills and a welcoming attitude while escorting clients to their English tests, creating a warm and comfortable environment. Tost is deeply committed and consistently goes above and beyond assigned activities. He has been a delight to work with!" – ISC Volunteer Team.

Congratulations, Tost!