Updates to Language Assessments & Referrals | Immigrant Services Calgary

Updates to Language Assessments & Referrals

Immigrant Services Calgary has resumed language assessment service for clients in the Calgary area and Southern Alberta. With the reopening of service, there are several important changes we wish to announce. 

Language assessments can now be done online
As per IRCC's COVID-19 interim assessment measures, we are now offering a new online protocol for CLBPT Remote Assessments without the assistance of a proctor. The new protocol, introduced by the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks, gives clients (with the necessary computer skills) the ability to complete their assessment from home. This immediate change will help alleviate the backlog of hundreds of clients looking for assessments.

We are working to ensure as many people can be tested as soon as possible. Assessments have already begun and we have begun contacting individuals on the waiting list. We are also accepting new bookings for assessments. Clients looking to complete an English assessment can contact us at (403) 262-2656 or through our website. We will continue to evaluate each client’s assessment eligibility and schedule their appointment as soon as possible. For the health and safety of everyone involved, our in-person assessments are still postponed until further notice, but we will continue to register requests for service.

Language assessments are valid for longer
Previous language skills assessments are now considered valid for two years instead of one. Based on IRCC guidelines, language assessment and referral centres may now refer learners to available training options with a valid placement or progression result received within the past two years.

We’re getting a new name this summer
On June 1, 2020 we will be completing a comprehensive rebranding program for Immigrant Services Calgary. After decades of service, our Immigrant Language Vocational Assessment-Referral Centre (ILVARC) will be presenting itself as the Calgary Language Assessment & Referral Centre (CLARC). 

This change is being made to better reflect the diversity of language assessments offered by our centre which have moved beyond vocational education and training.

We’ll see you soon!
We look forward to working together with all of you and helping newcomers access language training programs during COVID-19, as well during the post-pandemic service.