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Special Resettlement Measures for Afghan Nationals


The Government of Canada plans to resettle up to 20,000 vulnerable Afghan nationals. This will be done through two programs:

  1. Immigration program for Afghans who assisted the Government of Canada

  1. Humanitarian program for Afghan nationals in need of resettlement

To find out what special measures applicants may be eligible for, please use the Answer a few questions tool.

Priority processing

Afghan nationals may also be eligible for priority processing of the following applications:

  • Family reunification (sponsorship)

  • Permanent residence

  • Temporary residence

Applicants must inform Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada if they want priority processing on their applications. Visit the How to get priority processing section to learn about what applies to each situation. Certain fees and other requirements may be waived for some applications.

For more information on Canada’s response to the situation in Afghanistan, including how Canadians can help, please visit: Canada Responds