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Gautham Menon is Immigrant Services Calgary’s volunteer of the month.

After more than 29 years of dedicated service with Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC), Krystyna Biel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has announced her plan to retire in early 2019. Krystyna began her career at Immigrant Services Calgary as an ESL/Career Counselor and soon advanced to Director of the Immigrant Language and Vocational Assessment – Referral Centre (ILVARC) and Interim Chief Executive Officer before being appointed Chief Executive Officer in October of 2013.

Sara Naghedi Ahmadi is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month.

Sara has been a volunteer with Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) since 2011 and is an energetic and involved individual. Sara has volunteered in several roles at ISC where she participates in a variety of activities. By the end of Sara’s first year at ISC, she had already completed 95 volunteer hours.

Leila Khademi is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month.

Leila was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. After receiving her B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, she moved to Calgary to be with her husband. In Canada, Leila continued her studies at the University of Calgary and received her M.Sc. Since then, Leila has been working and raising her family.

The Immigrants of Distinction Awards (IDA) honours the exceptional contributions and achievements of Calgary’s immigrants and refugees. Nominations for the 2019 Annual Immigrants of Distinction Awards are officially open and will remain open until 11:59 pm on November 30, 2018. Nominations can be made here

Sara Burhan is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month

Two years ago, the Volunteer Program at Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) had the pleasure of welcoming Sara to our volunteer ranks. A talented individual and new to Canada, Sara wanted to learn about the Canadian workplace. Since then, Sara has completed 120 volunteer hours with various programs at ISC, including logistics support for cultural events in the community, facilitator for children and youth programs, and administrative support for Employment Programs.

Ahmed Bashir Yousif is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month.

Ahmed has been a volunteer translator at Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) for 12 years and over time has helped many clients by translating various documents for the Language Bank.  He is a champion volunteer everyone would want on their team, with close to 300 hours of volunteered work so far.

Karly Jean Ross is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month.

The Youth Inclusive Program (YIP) is hosting a Summer Jobs 101 workshop for immigrant youth

Fatima Mobeen is Immigrant Services Calgary’s Volunteer of the Month!